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Gexcel presents HERON® MS Twin


Gexcel presents HERON® MS Twin

Gexcel is glad to present the new HERON® MS Twin: a double Lidar sensor portable mobile mapping system, equipped with a 5k RGB panoramic camera. Thanks to its advanced hardware+software technology, the users can benefit from a very high-level performance in terms of geometric robustness of 3D models.

Key points of usability:

•    Compact capture head easily mountable on backpack or various supports like cars, bikes, quads, etc.

•    Light rugged backpack usable both for transportation and surveying.

•    Automatic and on-demand RGB data acquisition.

•    Loop closure and initialization procedure not required.

•    Automatic self-localization on a reference model, when available.

•    Annotation collection during the walk.

•    Usable in every light conditions.

•    Hands-free surveying.

•    Real-time display of panorama images, 3D point cloud, and trajectory on the rugged Control Unit.

Key points of data processing:

•    SLAM post-processing software (HERON® Desktop) included. The automatic advanced  processing tools can be also personally set up by the user.

•    New trajectory quality assessment which improves the SLAM drift effects reduction (patented algorithm).

•    Innovative very dense point cloud rendering with multiple color layers.

•    Static scans usable as trajectory constraints (patented algorithm).

•    Innovative panorama tool to directly export images and 3D data in ReCap® (with Realview® display) and in E57 to easily go in Edgewise®, FARO® Scene and Scene Webshare Cloud.

•    New “splat rendering” and “eye dome lighting” rendering effect. Features and details are emphasized and well visible.

•    GoBlueprint free tool to share the survey results with final clients or colleagues included.

•    Advanced 3D point cloud data analysis software included (Recontructor®).

•    Dedicated tools to navigate 3D models.

•    Real-time change detection.

Thanks to these advanced features, HERON® MS Twin is the perfect system for surveyors who works indoors, outdoors, in underground mines, multi-level buildings, tunnels, cultural heritage sites, forensic procedures, forests, urban areas, harsh and complex areas.

HERON® MS Twin can make the user able to obtain several outputs from collected data: volume computation, excavation progress monitoring, digital archive, construction progress monitoring, floor plans generation for asset management, logistic/traffic management, dilapidation monitoring, scan to BIM, contours and profiles, 3D virtual experience, real-time change detection, as-built generation, security and safety, and much more.

For additional information, join our next webinar:  or visit the Gexcel website (

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