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Accurate and robust ground-truth data, without the need for post-processing


Accurate and robust ground-truth data, without the need for post-processing

Save time by making use of OxTS’ exclusive gx/ix™ real-time position algorithm, now in real-time RTK mode.

New firmware available for OxTS devices

OxTS has announced an exciting update to our technology. For some time, customers have utilised our gx/ix algorithms to improve position performance when they are post-processing data sets.

The gx/ix technology combines position calculations from raw GNSS measurements with single-satellite aiding techniques when satellite visibility is poor. This means accurate position and heading measurements are output by our devices in urban canyons, through bridges and other obstructions.

The gx/ix RTK feature can now be utilised in real-time, achieving RTK position accuracy where satellite visibility is minimal (fewer than 4 satellites in view). If your device has gx/ix RTK enabled, upgrading to the latest firmware will add the benefits from this update.

Figure 1: San Francisco Bay Area approaching the Bay Bridge using gx/ix RTK  position mode

There are several other features and bug fixes in this latest firmware, including:

• Tight coupling heading updates (ix heading)
• Configurable receiver datum and RTCMv3 base station datum
• GLONASS heading inertial relock and static initialisation
• Change of datum for real-time differential positions
• Added CAN ISO8855 output and fixed CAN UTC time offset
• Support for Geoidal altitude
• Support for quadrature wheel speed encoders

**xbns (xNAV, xOEM) products only

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